. . The Navatec Service will be replaced by SDGToolkit during Q4 2020 ..... SDGToolkit is the next generation system for project design integrating the 2019 OQSI recommendations to support analysis for Sustainable Development Goals . . ....


In Q4 of 2020 the Navatec service will be replaced by the next generation project design system, developed by SEEL-Systems Engineering Economics Lab and Navatec.com.

This replacement will be SDGToolkit a comprehensive library of agile analytical tools that include analyses for Sustainable Development Goals integrating:
  • All of the latest OQSI recommendations on due diligence design procedures (3DP)
  • Automated change strategy designer to replace the somewhat subjective "change theory"
  • Multiple Logical Process Options
  • A quantum leap in validation of all data used as evidence to support project design
  • Automated analytical output interpretation in narrative reports in plain language
  • Audio reporting of narrative reports
  • Downloadable output narrative text, tables and graphs for report content
  • New micro Plasma Database occupying 30% less than competing systems
  • No software, all you need is a browser

All existing clients will receive SDGToolkit free of charge and access to existing datasets; those wishing to continue with Navatec System can do so on the same terms; technical services will continue as normal. For prospective new customers we will also provide information on how to access STDToolkit which will become available through the Boolean Library based on a membership subscription service.

email:  info@navatec.com
Telephone:  +44 7760444625
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