Navatec brings a transparent and convenient optimised service package that minimises customer costs and risks, no matter where they are located in the world. Amongst the significant contributions to effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operation are:
  • No software requirements
  • Navatec always operates with latest updated version
  • No need for update downloads
  • The only software requirement is a browser
  • The service works with any client-side Operating System
  • The reduced requirements minimise the customer hardware costs
  • The system delivers extraordinary processing power to tablets and mobiles
  • The system enables detailed exploration of data down to any level of detail, even with a mobile
  • Enabled by a high speed leading edge Plasma DataBase
  • All operational components remain at latest state of advance

Navatec uses the Plasma DataBase. This is part of the server-side ECMA Core extension. ESMAScript is the international standard for JavaScript.

Plasma DataBase is, therefore, seamlessly integrated with the main scripting language used to build and maintain the Navatec system.

Plasma DataBase is particularly well-suited to the accommodation of the specific data analysis requirements for the complex datasets associated with such operational environments as natural resource systems.