Navatec provides full transparency for all authorised individuals who need to have the ability inspect the progress in project design, optimization, implementation and operations. Sometimes it is convenient to organize such groups as "oversight committees". Member can have diverse interests which can be shared together with their assessment of progress using communications within the Navatec system. Timely feedback from oversight personnel is an important source of information for project managers.

Access rights are provided through the Navatec central server security system where users are allocated access rights, IDs and passwords. There are many types of stakeholder that might be provided with oversight priviledges including:
  • Donors
  • Investors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Management of implementing organizations
  • Selected stakeholders according to their roles
  • Project managers
  • Project team members
  • Project designers
  • Auditors
  • Professional service personnel
  • Authorised ad hoc "guests"