Navatec though the use of a Plasma DataBase, can maintain a seamless multi-project portfolio operation, This allows donors, development organizations and companies to manage many different types of project in different global locations. Because of the high standards of due diligence applied by the system, all projects have completely coherent and comparable data. This helps portfolio managers gain a fully transparent portfolio oversight and awareness of all relevant details of individual projects as well as overall progress. This provides an objective foundation for securing comparative and precise assessments of the performance of all projects within the portfolio.

Navatec's portfolio provision comes with the following capabilities that can be managed from laptops, tablets or mobiles:
  • On-demand analysis and reporting on any aspect of any individual project 24/7
  • Portfolio managers can receive automated alerts when unexpected changes occur in the conditions affecting any project
  • Donors can monitor the progress of a project to manage multiphase tranche payments on a per project basis
An important benefit of the combination of the standardised system, a due diligence discipline and real time audit, is that necessary adjustments to changes with potential for reducing project performance are documented and responded to rapidly. As a result "lessons learned" are more instantaneous leading to a rapid learning process applied immediately rather than being applied to subsequent projects. This constant refinement of notions of best practice in project and portfolio design and management helps drive organizational innovation in the management of the project cycle.

Navatec global portfolio oversight is greatly enhanced by the process quality standards applied. These ensure that projects in any locations contain precise, coherent and comparable datasets which is accessible in real time at any time.