Make use of our FREE ROI Assessment to receive an objective assessment of the potential operational capacity and cost reduction gains from using Navatec, for your organization.

Navatec brings specific benefits to different types of user. Click on the links of interest to access a floating window with lists of benefits:

Navatec is specifically designed to improve the productivity of project design and execution, portfolio administration and oversight.The list of some beneficiaries is provided in the box on the right with links to typical benefits.

The potential benefits from Navatec need to be assessed according to the potential impact on a potential customer's current operations. By completing a return on investment (ROI) analysis a potential customer's current operations an objective assessment can be obtained.
We provide a FREE ROI assessment of the potential benefit of Navatec according to potential customer's objectives. We provide a management consultancy based on a review of current operations. There are two steps in a ROI assessment involving two encounters:
  1. To review current customer objectives, operations and resources assigned to different tasks
  2. To analyse this information, prepare a ROI report in terms of gains to the operations and to present these results
Because the ROI assessment is based on the operations well-known to the potential customer, this enables them to gain a better insight to the specific benefits and to focus on issues of importance. Customer's detailed knowledge of their own operations is an essential input to ensure the ROI baseline model and assumptions are correct.

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